Other works that influenced “Recovery”

500 Mandarins II

While putting together this series, my thought process was guided by many of the classes that I was enrolled in and have taken throughout my undergraduate degree. While I was abroad in Bilbao, Spain, I did a project where I took 500 pictures of mandarin oranges. This project pushed my creative limits and forced me to take risks. It was originally supposed to be 1,000 images but the professor ended up cutting the amount in half and gave us two weeks to complete it. During this time, I thought about what mandarins are, what we do with them, what else they look like, what don’t they look like, different ways I could distort them, and where they are found, etc. I had two weeks to put together 500 images using any medium. I ended up using predominantly photography because I was excited about the challenge. With “Recovery,” I found myself asking similar questions as “500 Mandarins.”

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